What Makes the Best Bagel Toppings

The bagel is an iconic breakfast food that has been around for centuries. It’s a simple doughnut-shaped roll made of flour, water, and yeast, boiled in salt water and then baked in the oven. Bagels are delicious on their own but they can also be topped with a variety of savory or sweet ingredients to add flavor and texture. From cream cheese to lox to everything seasoning, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect bagel topping. In this article we will discuss what makes the best bagel toppings as well as some tips for choosing them.

When it comes to picking out bagel toppings, there are certain flavors that work better together than others. For example, cream cheese pairs nicely with smoked salmon or lox because the salty fish brings out the creamy richness of the cheese while adding an extra layer of flavor complexity. If you’re feeling adventurous try adding capers or red onions for an even more flavorful experience! Other classic combinations include peanut butter and jelly (or honey), avocado slices with feta cheese crumbles, jam or preserves with ricotta cheese spread over top, nutella with banana slices…the list goes on!

Getty Images/ Moment/ © Ian Laker Photography

When it comes to choosing the right bagel topping, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. If you’re adding an ingredient that has a strong flavor like smoked salmon or capers, pair it with something milder like cream cheese or ricotta cheese. This will help balance out the flavors and create a more unified taste. Try to avoid using too many sweet toppings like jam or nutella as these can be overpowering, while savory ingredients like avocado, feta cheese, and lox are great for adding depth of flavor. Lastly, get creative! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations until you find something that you love.
No matter what toppings you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy your bagel and let it take center stage. Happy eating!