What is Workaholism?

The term workaholic may seem appealing to you as a business owner looking to hire an employee. What could be better than someone who has an addiction to doing work at their job? However, it is not that simple. Being a workaholic is used too loosely in normal conversations. People like to brag about their devotion to their work by claiming themselves as workaholics. Other times people would label someone always busy as someone who is a workaholic. In reality, things are very different.

Workaholism refers to the compulsive and uncontrollable need to work incessantly. It is a psychological issue that can find its roots in low-self esteem, anxiety, and intimacy problems. There is a common phrase used in the modern workplace environment which is the need for work-life balance. People suffering from workaholism are not capable of maintaining that balance and a deeper analysis of each individual would uncover very real causes for this inability. Problems at home may have left there to be no fifty percent outside of work, which is why they are not able to maintain that balance.

Conversely, Workaholics are often perfectionists and are simply incapable of delegating tasks to others because they fear that the job will not be done right. For this reason, they are psychologically forced to take up more work than they can handle and end up being workaholics that are always surrounded by work. Another theory for workaholism lies in an obsessive amount of passion towards one’s job. It is a general phrase claiming that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. This may be true to some extent where you do need to like your job but being obsessively passionate about it is a whole other thing and far from a healthy practice for your lifestyle.