Vacation Blues

With the winter break coming in, all of you in college might be thinking about going back home. Vacations are a great time to relax and kick back but if you are experiencing mixed feelings about going back home then you should know that you are not alone. College is a great time in your life. You might be well aware that there is nothing like your twenties. It is true that the never-ending deadlines and homesickness can get to you in college and all you want is some time to relax on a long vacation or you might even feel like disappearing. But when it is time for a vacation, you end up thinking that you might miss the life of college. That is what they call the vacation blues.
Whenever you get such mixed feelings, think of life as only a short span of time where everyday matters and requires you to live it to its fullest extent. You don’t have to think about what you’ll be missing out on by being at home instead of college. You should instead think of all the fun you will or can have at home. First and foremost, you get to meet your family and friends from school. These are the people you grew up with and there is nothing like the evening with a group of old friends where you get lost in the nostalgia of a time not too long ago when things were simply great.

Another thing you can look forward to is the food. You would know your neighborhood inside out and would always be able to get the best food in the city. And let’s not forget, there is nothing like a home-cooked meal with your family. When you think of the good things, you won’t feel as blue about the upcoming vacations and will start looking forward to them. After all, life is short!