Using The Right Comb For Your Hair

When you walk into the store, you see a whole bunch of different combs with different textures and curvatures. It would be naïve to think that all these different styles of combs are a simple change in the elegance of the design to make the product more appealing to customers. These different designs are meant to cater to different kinds of hairstyles depending on thickness, silkiness, and length of hair. Of course, there is no measure of these qualities so you might have to test different combs before you find the right one for you but there are a few general rules of thumb.

The all-purpose comb is a flat comb with teeth close to each other on one end and a little further on the other. This is a comb that suits most people and is good for both men and women. A fine-tooth comb is good for when you want to get thick sturdy hair fixed in place. A rake comb or a pick comb is best to raise your hair. It is best suited to the afro type of hairstyle. Pintail combs are good for delicate hair or hair that has flat irons used on them regularly. Rat tail combs are also good for a similar style.

Round combs are good for thin short hair and allow you to style them the way you like. Semi-oval-shaped brushes are good for thick and perhaps tangled or long hair. They allow you to straighten them and style them however you like. There are many different kinds of combs in the world and they may not be best suited to everyone but the important thing is to put in the effort to find the comb that is just right for you and then make sure you keep that comb in your backpack so you can use it anytime anywhere to maintain the best outlook.