Tips for Using Natural Light in Photography

Photographers of all levels have the incredible opportunity to use natural light in their photography. Instead of relying on expensive lights and diffusers, natural light can create beautiful images with minimal setup. Natural light is also one of the best ways to shoot portraits, as it is soft and flattering compared to other artificial lighting sources. So here are some tips for making the most of your photography experience with natural light. The location you choose is the most important factor for any photography. If you want to take photos with natural light, it is best to find a place with windows that let in sunlight during different times of the day. You can also look for a spot where skylights or other parts of the building allow sunlight in regularly.

Once you have found a location and time of day that works for natural light photography, it is best to experiment with different angles and perspectives to see what looks best. Just because one angle or perspective works well does not mean that others will not as well. Try experimenting with different ways of shooting your subject to find what works best for each situation. Natural light changes throughout the day, so choosing when the sunlight is strongest is best. Mid-day is usually best for photographers because it provides enough light to get good shots without additional lighting or equipment.

If you want to take photos outside, picking a season with plenty of sunlight is best. You do not want to be stuck taking photos during rainy or cloudy days, so make sure you have a plan B in case Mother Nature is not cooperative with your plans. Using flash for any photography has been frowned upon because it tends to wash out colors and make your subject look flat and unnatural. Do not use flash to get good shots indoors with natural light.