This Season's Fashion

It is no secret that fashion trends are constantly evolving. Not only each decade, but each year is marked by new fashion fads that go in and out of style. With 2023 dawning upon us very soon, let’s have a look at the upcoming trends that are expected to be in fashion.

Bodycon Dresses

It is likely that spring 2023 will polarize tight dresses, long and short. A staple bodycon dress is definitely worth investing in, as it can be dressed both up and down with minimal effort. SKIMS in particular serves as reliable brands among fashionistas and trendsetters. Afterpay ambassador and fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell reported “The SKIMS Effect” as “coming in hot for 2023… “We’re seeing people opt for form-fitting styles and adopt lingerie as everyday wear. Afterpay found that bodycon styles are up 25% year-over-year and consumers are buying shapewear as outerwear up 63%.”

Button-down Shirts

The ever-reliable staple – a button-down. Similar to 2022, it is expected that basic white and black button-downs will be everywhere. You can layer it with sweatshirts, opting for a casual look with sneakers or elevate an outfit with luxurious textures such as silk and satin. Even bright colored looks are in, the crazier the better.

Ballet Flats

Interestingly ballet flats are expected to make a comeback in the next year. Due largely to brands such as Miu Miu and Sandy Liang, this classic silhouette will be seen as an accessory to complete every-day outfits. Celebrities such as Bella Hadid effortlessly style ballet flats as an ode to the y2k and cottagecore trends which are heavily influencing fashion nowadays.

Everything Sheer

Sheer shirts, pants, dresses – you name it, sheer will be back in style. Definitely consider updating your wardrobe to include eye-catching sheer materials that are perfect for a night out at the club. While it may be out of some people’s comfort zone, “naked” dresses are definitely in style, and can be layered with clothing underneath for a more conservative look