The Tumultuous Life Of Demi Lovato

It must be amazing to become a childhood superstar, right? Wrong – in many cases, childhood stars find it difficult to assimilate into anormal, healthy, functioning lifestyle on account of the fact that they have had to be on their A-game in case paparazzi show up since their early years. In many cases, childhood stars go on to suffer a great deal of mental difficulties as they get older, and, given their exposure to the industry and the substances that come with it, these stars have often turned to drug or alcohol abuse in order to numb the pains of their childhood.

Getty Images Entertainment/Jamie McCarthy

One such case is that of Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato. Demi made her break at a very young age, starring in the highly-acclaimed and beloved children’s show, Barney & Friends. After her feature on barney, Lovato went on to star in multiple different Television shows and Television movies on Disney channel network – one of the movies that thrust her into stardom was her feature in the camp rock musical film aired on Disney channel in 2008. In this movie, she made a name for herself not only as a talented actress, but foreshadowed her future career as a singer as well.

However, Demi’s life was, like the life of many other individuals who become very rich and achieve affluence at a very early age in life, not all sunshine and rainbows. Throughout her life, and perhaps exacerbated by the fact that she was on screens and under the spotlight since her early childhood, Demi Lovato battled body dysmorphia and, as such, different forms of mental health issues and tribulations. In order to numb these thoughts, she began to take drugs, and was very recently admitted to rehab after almost overdosing on such a substance.

Although the recent years haven’t looked too bright for Demi, upon her admittance to rehab and the publicization of her issues, the future is bright given that everybody around her can help her lead a better, healthier, happier life.