The Foundations of Rap

Music is a sound vessel, for expressing not only one’s emotions, but their perspectives and views, their beliefs on the world in which they live. There are many different musical genres that arm the many different personalities in the world today.

In the utopian, aristocratic society, where all is prim and proper, and there is no deviation from convention, rap is seen as rebellious and delinquent. It is seen as the practice, those individuals wishing to perish the age-old structures and traditions that have come to define the contemporary state of affairs. in countries, such as the United States, for example, rappers are often coined to be aggressive and ill mannered, despite the deep and meaningful nature of their message.

Of course, there will always be those anomalies that truly fit all the stereotypes assigned to the genre. It is definitely the case that a lot of rappers may be involved in illicit, divergent activities that are conducive to the collapse, or rather the deviation from convention.

As they say, however, in order to understand the story, one must first understand the prequel. Rap was founded on the very same tenants that defined the renaissance. Period. the founders of the genre, the oppressed African-American people, found solace in this musical art form that would be the vessel through which their people could express their powerful emotions that they for so long had to carry on account of the great pain that they had to face during slavery.

Although considered today as a dangerous and violent genre, the foundations of rap were pure, and predicated upon breaking free from the chains, the convention that held back the African American people.