The Easiest Jobs in the World

Do you ever think you are growing older and getting closer to responsibilities that you are just not ready to take on? You might feel like you are not passionate about your degree or anything really. Your friends might be looking forward to getting married or working at one of the top firms in their fields but you really haven’t given up on being a child. You enjoy your day by relaxing in your room or going to a fancy dinner with your friends. Now we can’t say that they will be the perfect job for you, but some jobs seem to allow a very passive lifestyle.

For one, you could become someone who rates hotels across the country or even the world. If you get employed at the right company or even if you decide to start your own, your investment would essentially be sleeping in different hotels, enjoying bottle services, massages, and whatever else the hotel has to offer. As a bonus, you get paid to criticize whatever you don’t like and once you become popular enough, hotels would actually pay you to give them a review. Similar to this job of a hotel reviewer, you could also look into restaurant testing. In simple terms, you get paid to review and critique a restaurant that gives you food free of cost.

If the critique business does not appeal to you, there is also an industry called online shoppers. Some people with presumable money to burn, simply do not have the time to shop at the mall or even online. They are willing to pay people to sit in the comfort of their homes to shop for them online as long as their taste is appealing. Do any of these jobs appeal to you and would you ever consider actually taking them?