The Cheapest Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large city that offers a wealth of restaurants to its visitors. While it is not always possible to find the most affordable restaurants in the city, it is possible to find the cheapest. Restaurants are constantly changing with time, and one day your favorite restaurants may have gone out of business. This is why it is essential to continually monitor the marketplace for the cheapest restaurant in the city. Here are lists of the most affordable restaurants in Los Angeles.

The Apple Pan restaurant is a restaurant famous for its apple pies, hamburgers served with vanilla ice cream, and banana cream pie. It was established on April 11, 1947, by Ellen and Baker. One of the oldest operating restaurants in Los Angeles, Apple Pan is also known as the home of the famous Johnny rockets restaurant chain. Their menu includes an original family recipe from the bakers dating back as early as 1881. Foods on their menu include pies like banana, apple, cherry, and coconut, ham and cheese sandwiches, and steak burgers.

Eggslut is a sandwich restaurant founded by Alvin Cailan on March 2017. Eggslut in Downtown Los Angeles is where it all began, along Broadway in the famous Grand Central Market. The restaurant is best known for its signatory dish ‘The Slut’, a coddled egg on pureed potatoes, and its egg sandwiches. Their food menu includes sausage or bacon with egg and cheese, Fairfax, salad, buttermilk biscuits, etc.

The Halal Guys is a casual halal restaurant established 32 years ago by Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed. The restaurant is most recognized for its main dish, which is a plate of chicken or gyro meat with rice, and also serves a gyro or chicken wrap sandwich. Foods on their menu include red hot sauce, white sauce condiments, American halal platters, and sandwiches, while Baklava is the only dessert option at the restaurant.