Squid Game

The squid game is a game that is often recreated on TikTok after it gained popularity through its drama series. It had a number of games in the drama series beginning with the ddakji. A lot like playing pugs, you must hit a card with another card to flip it over. If it flips, you win and are accepted in the squid games. The next game is red light, green light. It is like a game played by children across the world where the contestants must run forward when the light is green, and stay frozen when the right is red. If anyone moves during the red light or fails to make it to the other side of the room in the given time limit, then they are disqualified. In the case of the drama, disqualification meant death.

The next game would be sugar honeycombs. In this game, you have to eat a honeycomb in a way that carves out a shape that was assigned to them. If they manage to form the shape, they can move forward. If the honeycomb crumbles, which is very likely as it is very fragile, then the player is disqualified. After this, there is a simple game of the old tug of war to eliminate half the remaining contestants.

The next game is filled with emotional turmoil. In a game of marbles, you have to decide whether you get disqualified yourself or the person closest to you has to be disqualified because only one of you gets to move forward. In the drama series, this game would mean you will either have to get killed or watch your best friend die. The next game is hopscotch where you have to jump across stable and trap platforms to make it through a bridge. Jumping on a trap platform would mean death. After all this, you will have qualified for the squid game.