Platform Heels

Platform heels were the “it-heels” back during the 1970s but over time their fame was overshadowed by different types of heels for example stilettos and mules. One of the reasons for that can be that people wanted to adopt a more toned look by wearing petite heels as that gives a more defined look. However, they were not the most comfortable heels due to their height and shape. People wore them for a few decades and still do so. It has been strictly noted that after the pandemic, platform heels that are considered more comfortable in wearing have started to make a comeback in the fashion industry.

Alongside other vintage items returning for example corsets and flared jeans, platform heels are returning as well. Valentino, Christian Louboutin, and several other luxury brands have started selling platform heels again which they had stopped producing towards the end of the 90s. According to fashion designers, platform heels might seem like the most uncomfortable and painful heels to ever exist but they are the most comfortable if compared to other heel styles. Another reason fashion critics think platform heels are returning is because chunky sandals entered the fashion market two years ago and have been loved by the public. The innovation of chunky sandals was a hit amongst the target audience which made the designers realize that there should be a version of chunky heels as well. Little did they know but chunky heels are called platform heels.

Platform heels have soared in sales since they entered the fashion market in early 2022. If you have stored your old platform heels perfectly then this might be the time to make the most of them. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about styling them as you can style them the same way you styled other heels. We can say that we aren’t surprised by the return of platform heels because they are a girl’s best friend.