Nightwear Lingerie

Clothing brands have started selling nightwear lingerie as tops and dresses. But how and why? You might think it’s odd to wear such clothes outside the comfort of your home. But we also believed that until we looked at the fashion trends of 2023. Nightwear lingerie is tops or dresses that are generally made of silk and have a lacey material at the end of sleeves or neck. They are made to show a significant amount of your body so they are sometimes sheer and don’t have a double layer to hide anything. Some of the brands with the most phenomenal nightwear lingerie are Victoria’s Secret and SHEIN.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Image Source

These pieces are usually priced at the higher end because of the intricate lace detailing on them. But it’s not like they don’t have a demand. People have been buying these pieces for years. You might believe that these pieces are just gaining stardom in 2023 but people have been buying them and styling them in different looks for ages. You might think it’s difficult to style them but let us tell you, these are the easiest pieces to style. You can pair a spaghetti-strap top with jeans and heels. This outfit can be worn to a hangout for lunch or dinner. But you can wear them to work also by pairing them with a blazer as that will hide most of the sheerness of the top. You can pair a nightwear lingerie dress with jeans as well by tucking it in and making it into a top.

Luxury brands introduced this style in their fashion shows e.g., Chanel, Dior, etc. If luxury brands want to initiate a fashion trend, who are we to object to it? People who don such outfits look attractive so we are not complaining.