Musical Genres

There are many different types of music today. There are multiple different genres that are utilized in order to satisfy the listening desires of the multiple different personalities prevalent in contemporary society. Different individuals listen to music for a whole host of different reasons; Some people listen to music for its calming, relaxed nature, others for its ability to elicit hyperactive emotional states.

Rock, for example, seeks to appeal to those individuals in our lives, who, perhaps, wish to drown out the many intricacies and complexities plaguing their mind with the harsh , abrasive nature of rock music. Rock is characterized for its loud, and happening nature. It is known for its eccentricities, and its unique take on what best serves the role of relaxing the mind.

On the other hand, classical music is known for its rather bland and boring nature. By most individuals in the world today, this antiquated genre is misunderstood to be the pastime of those who actively enjoy boredom; The reality, however, could not be more different. Classical music is often enjoyed on the very premises that it is happening. The orchestrations, and multilateral efforts, that go into composing a single piece of classical music is enough to leave any listener in awe.

Then comes the mainstream: Pop. Pop music characterizes the contemporary music industry all over the world. Whether you are in Korea or the United States, Spain or England, the genre with the most streams would be pop. It is not that pop Music sounds better than other genres, but rather it is often in accordance with the cultures and traditions being practiced in urban landscapes within the specific nation. As such, people often to it on the basis of cultural conformance – to fit in.