Meghan Trainor's Latest Hit

Meghan Trainor has not just made a comeback into the music industry, but she has done so with a bang. The American singer, most known for her catchy debut single “All About That Bass” in 2014, has taken the world by storm with her latest song. Her song “Made You Look” is part of her new album “Takin’ It Back”, which is Trainor’s fifth major-label studio album. “Made You Look” has soared on the international level, catapulting the singer in the Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart for the first time since 2016.

Getty Images/FilmMagic/Sarah Morris

“Made You Look” has become an instant hit most likely due to its incredibly catchy chorus and playful vibes overall. The music production is excellent, mixing in bass and vocals in a tune that you will not be able to get out of your head. Trainor further performed it live on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and released a video for the song featuring her signature playful look and bright outfits. The chorus has been received particularly well, becoming a hugely trending sound on TikTok. The singer herself uploaded a video on the app, dancing animatedly to the song with her friends and family. Thousands of other users are lip-syncing and dancing to the song, which has only boosted its popularity.

“Made You Look”, along with the other songs on the album, is heavily inspired by Meghan Trainor’s own journey. There is an overall theme of body confidence and self-love without feeling external pressures to look a certain way. The singer tries to show that “even with her hoodie on” she is still jaw-dropping, hopefully inspiring listeners to embody that same confidence throughout. Given the single’s rising popularity on TikTok, it is possible that more trends related to self-love notions will crop up on the platform. One thing is for certain: Trainor has delivered us another classic, staying true to her playful roots and delivering beautifully crafted songs that are difficult to forget.