Madonna’s Greatest Hits

Madonna is undoubtedly a legend in the music industry. Known as the “Queen Of Pop”, the American singer is known for her significant versatility in music production alongside her aesthetic presentation. The numbers truly don’t lie – with over 100 million singles sold across the globe, she is the most successful solo artist in the Billboard Hot 100 charts of all time, second only to the Beatles. Having released 75 singles across 13 albums, it is almost impossible to narrow down Madonna’s best hits. Here are a few songs that dominated the charts while shaping Madonna as a timeless icon.

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Into The Groove

“Into The Groove” is arguably one of the best songs Madonna has released, excluding coolness throughout. Written for the film “Desperately Seeking Susan”, which featured Madonna acting herself, the song’s bassline is forever iconic and catchy. It can be seen as her anthem, the single that forms the essence of what the “Queen of Pop” truly stands for

One of the first that pop into mind when thinking of Madonna is “Holiday”. This single became an instant hit when it was released on October 29, 1983, launching Madonna into stardome It arrived on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in that very week, and is now etched as her most popular and mainstream song, likely due to the catchy and upbeat melody. Either at a nightclub, social event or highschool prom, it is so infectious that it’s almost impossible not to dance along. Interestingly, it was given to the singer by her then producer John Benitez, who noticed the demo floating around the industry, having been rejected by the musicians at the time.

Like a Virgin
The single “Like A Virgin” smashed records worldwide, peaking at the Hot 100 chart for a whopping six weeks in 1984. It became one of Madonna’s signature songs, turning her into a household name. The first of her many number-one US hits, it featured many sexual undertones, unabashedly celebrating love and desire. It truly shaped Madonna as a mainstream sexual force that could not be competed with.