How To Be a Good Teacher

If there is one thing we have seen from the Mr. Iglesias show, it is about how to be a good teacher. There are many teachers in the world but only a few of them are true educators who stay in the hearts of students for the rest of their lives. These people are the real teachers and are making a difference in the world but inspiring and enabling students to pursue their dreams. Being a teacher is not just about delivering a lecture, marking a final, and assigning a grade. It is a job that is as similar to parenting as possible. Teachers are often a father or mother symbol for students. That means that it would be best if teachers displayed some of the same qualities.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Marko Geber

For one, teachers should take an interest in their student’s lives outside of the classroom as well as their academics. If a teacher can guide them through life until they are old enough, then students can be stopped from making a lot of bad decisions. They should also be inspiring and open with their students. Just like parents, it is a teacher’s job to make sure every student applies themselves and puts in the effort for the best possible outcome. That is only possible when a teacher manages to build a personality that the students trust and believe in. It is only possible when the students intrinsically hold the desire to impress their teachers with their work simply because they have that level of respect and love for them. Teaching can indeed be one of the most rewarding careers and it is a great feeling to see your students grow into some of the most capable and successful people in the world but that is also a huge responsibility because the inability of students to reach their goals is also a reflection of the failure of a teacher.