Ed Sheeran's Best Album

A vibrantly colorful aesthetic has been developed by Ed Sheeran across all of his album and EP artworks to date, perfectly emulating his diverse songwriting abilities. Ed Sheeran’s explosive growth from a red-haired aspiring musician to Britain’s hottest pop sensation has seen him develop this aesthetic. Sheeran is an accomplished painter, and his artistic instincts have always given him a good understanding of how to deliver his music in a manner that will be highly appealing to a broad audience. One of his best projects to date, the 2021 album = (named Equals), was released more than five years after the release of his “Divide” album.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Theo Wargo

The emotional wave Sheeran has survived and is prepared to convey evidently from the first seconds of his studio album “=.” On this album, Sheeran exposes his heart to such an extent that you might almost see it pounding while listening to these 14 tracks. Whether he expressed his love and desire for Seaborn, apologized for his inadvertent neglect, or lamented the loss of a cherished mentor. Sheeran’s lyrics, occasionally poetic but most essential storytelling, have a profound impact. The album Sheeran, Fred Again, and McDaid produced was primarily recorded in London. The group smartly understood that the order of the songs still mattered since Sheeran’s tracks are arranged to guide listeners through his experience of self-doubt and questioning, appreciation, and grief, before concluding with the advice to, to quote Oasis, “be here now.”

Tides, the album’s opening tune, shows off Sheeran’s ongoing respect for Bruce Springsteen as he combines slashing guitar with an extensive amount of autobiographical detail. It’s one of the strongest songs on the album. This song, “First Times,” is Sheeran’s most recent offering to the wedding music market. One of Sheeran’s most fully completed artistic works, and a standout piece on the album, is The Joker and the Queen. He has a gift for transforming the mundane into something beautiful.