Disproven Science Over Time

When we think about science, the first thing that comes to mind is facts. Whatever the famous scientists of our time claim to understand is a fact that can not be challenged. However, over the years science has evolved rapidly. Every few years there is a new revelation that disproves all previous understandings of concepts. When this happens, people including the smartest minds on the planet feel foolish for not having seen it before.

For example, the theory of flat earth had been around for centuries. It had always been believed that there is an end to the world and if only someone can manage to travel to the edge, they will be able to see the end of the world. Maps were built around this understanding. It was believed that the sun moved circles around a flat earth which would explain why it was in different positions every day and why it disappeared at night. You couldn’t see the sun because it was below the flat-earth. When we hear this now, we can feel its rather obvious sarcasm and would clearly understand that the earth is a globe.

Every theory has been the same. The world of science has always progressed through trial and error and continues to do so today. Everything we believe to be a fact could become an obvious mistake in centuries to come. Many of the chemical substances which are now clearly understood as toxins, were once assumed to be a form of wine. People did not hesitate before drinking it. Through their mistakes, we learned that the chemicals were harmful and should not be consumed. As a lesson, we should always remember that there is always the possibility that we are wrong which is why we should always continue to strive for knowledge and try to understand the secrets of science.