Dior Book Totes

Dior book totes are the new luxury carry-ons donned by our favorite celebrities and influencers. Some people get their initials or names imprinted as well to add a touch of personalization. But is it just us or does everybody carry these book totes nowadays? Everyone, including women and men as well. You might be surprised to learn that men have started carrying these book totes as well but their design is gender-neutral and they have ample storage space as well. The Dior Book Tote was introduced in 2018 and inspired by a design created in 1967 but these totes have taken the fashion industry by storm.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Edward Berthelot

These totes were only seen on influencers and celebrities but we thought that was it because they are totes by a luxury brand and don’t sell cheap. These totes are priced at $3500 but they have a great price value. Besides that, they are a great investment option as well because these luxury brand pieces will hold significant value a few years from now when there are new and better designs. Moreover, these are perfect alternatives for a carry-on suitcase as they have significant storage space. With these, you can travel in style. Over the course of four years, Dior has launched different designs for book totes specific to different seasons or holidays. You can customize them according to your liking as well. On the other hand, we have observed men carrying these totes. For example, an influencer was seen carrying this tote bag on a Netflix series called “Dubai Bling”. We don’t know if that helped Dior increase the sales for this tote but we are definitely impressed with the gender-neutrality of this bag.

In order to ensure these bags maintain their shape and value, you have to store them perfectly in a dust bag with sufficient space to place them. You can’t store these luxury bags in a cabinet in the middle of clothes or several other bags. If you are willing to empty your bank account on such bags, you can specifically store them as well.