Cuban Chains as an Accessory

Cuban chains are a stylish, widespread trend that can help you make your outfit pop. They are a monochrome accessory that you can make on your own, and they are neck or waist chains that you can wear with various fashions. You can wear it as a necklace with a formal dress, a long necklace with a shirt and jeans, or a belt around your waist with a skirt. These chains are made of gold, silver, copper, or brass with much more limited colors, but you can make them work with dye. They are a very relaxed and fashionable accessory that is a fun addition to any outfit.

Gold is the most common metal used in its production, but silver has been trendy lately with its sky-high prices. The Cuban chains were popularized in the late 20th century by hip-hop artists, earning it name from Latin because they were so popular in the Cuban enclaves of Miami. The Cuban silver chain and bracelet are classified into two variants; one made from pure silver and the other sterling silver Cuban links with 92.5% silver purity. Although sterling silver Cuban chains are naturally bright white, they are often gilded to change their appearance.

Sterling silver Cuban necklaces and bracelets come in a variety of styles, but they have several different features that make them unique from each other. Although they are known as custom pieces, they are a great way to complete a mix-and-match look. It has become one of the classic designs because they have the best qualities of timeless jewelry: its strength and durability, the bold appeal and charm of any statement necklace, and the elongated surface resembling a snake chain, whether shorter choker lengths or more significant and longer classic Cuban link chains, Cuban link jewelry is a must-have accessory.