Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were previously known as combat pants as they were the usual attire for army people. They are made from cotton material and have a rough texture as they were meant for people who practice a lot of manual labor. These pants have large pockets which were placed to carry tools or other equipment. However, these cargo pants or cargo trousers have entered the fashion market. Surprisingly, influencers and celebrities have made these pants a wardrobe staple. These cargo pants have entered the menswear fashion industry as well.

Usually, there are clothing items that are either trending in the womenswear fashion industry or the menswear fashion industry. But rarely do both industries have the same clothing item trending at the same time. However, these cargo pants are a hit in both industries. Both men and women find these trousers significantly comfortable and they can be easily worn for long hours. You may feel like these trousers have a rough material but they are made from pure cotton and don’t feel rough on the skin. Moreover, these pants give a loose outlook hence the comfort. However, they don’t feel baggy or oversized. These trousers are made in such a manner that they don’t look oversized despite being loose. These trousers or pants are unisex as you can buy them from both, the woman’s and man’s sections.

You might be wondering how to style these cargo pants or trousers. For women, you can pair these pants with a crop top, skin-fitted shirt, or plain button-down shirt. On the other hand, men can pair these pants with a plain T-shirt or a basic button-down. These trousers should be styled the same way other jeans or pants are styled. Furthermore, you can wear these pants in all seasons because of their cotton and loose material. If you haven’t grabbed these pants yet, maybe this is your sign to do so.