Bright Eyeshadows

We thought we left bright eyeshadows, but I guess we were wrong. If you have observed influencers on TikTok and Instagram, you might have realized that they are bringing the colors back somehow. Some influencers have started using bright and bold colors as the base and some are using bright colors for eyeliner. But you know, we love them all. We loved the basic subtle colors and now we love the bright and bold colors. If we observe closely and according to our research, people have started using colorful eyeliners for their makeup look.

Some people have started using bright colors for the base of their eye makeup and then throwing on a little glitter for some glam. But some leave the base as it is and don’t add anything to it. These people get creative with their eyebrows and make them extra bushy by using soap or wax. On the other hand, some people leave their eyes untouched and don’t apply any eyeshadow. But just add a colorful eyeliner that goes with their outfits. Some of the most common colors are electric blue, neon orange, green or pink. Gone are the days when every single person would opt for the black eyeliner look. There is a great majority who still opt for basic black eyeliner but there is a niche for colorful eyeliners now. These people pair this makeup look with colorful clothes. They tend to go for bright and bold colors which are easily available at every clothing store. These makeup items are also being sold by every drugstore and mid-level makeup brand. However, luxury makeup brands for example Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc are not experimenting with the color trends yet because their target market is not the same.

This trend was popular two years ago but left the market as soon as COVID-19 hit the world. Towards the end of 2022, we realized that this trend is returning and people have started appreciating this trend because brands have started to sell these products. Regardless of the ever-changing trends, if people love these trends then so do, we.