Body Positivity

Are you tired of your massive hair growth? Are you tired of the razor bumps and strawberry legs that just don’t look good? We all know how shaving the hair can allow the hair to regrow fairly quickly but what’s the solution? Do not worry, we get you girl! However, it is extremely important to realize that hair on the body is a natural part of being a human. We have been surrounded in an environment where people usually comment on unwanted hair, especially for females. Many females therefore, go and get them removed but please know that this kind of behavior is highly demotivating to your self love. You should know your importance and value the human body. Human hair is a normal part of it and the lesson of self love teaches us to adore ourselves in the best way possible.

Waxing is a more effective way of dealing with all the unwanted hair. It is quick, less messy and the results last longer than any of the hair removal methods. Furthermore, it is fairly cheap. You need to invest into a heater that will melt the wax. If you are not a fan of hot wax, you can even opt for cream waxes. These products can be easily found at any grocery shop. There are also other forms of waxes which include strip wax, which is quite an easy way to just get rid of any unwanted hair. This does hurt though. You may also opt for laser but wax is one of the cheapest and effective forms of getting rid of any unwanted hair.
Wax after care is equally important. This is because the skin is exposed and the hair follicles may get a little inflamed. Therefore, it is highly important that you use an after wax serum. Xanitalia, Aloe Vera calming solution is an excellent serum to apply after wax.