Bizarre Laws Around The Globe

The world has evolved and changed a great deal over time. As such, many laws have been put into action for a reason that no longer holds. However, those laws were never abolished officially. For whatever reason these laws were initially created, when we hear about them now, they just sound surprisingly funny or unnecessary. For example, it is illegal to shoot a Welshman with a longbow on Sunday in the Cathedral Close in Hereford; or inside the city walls of Chester after midnight; or a Scotsman within the city walls of York, other than on a Sunday. Of course, it is illegal to shoot anyone anywhere in the modern world, but it is understood that technically this law was never abolished until just recently.

Similarly, there is a law stating, “If a man unintentionally kills another man by letting a tree fall on him, the tree shall be given to the kinsmen of the slain”, and something like just would just seem bizarre in the modern world. Supposedly, a law in Iowa limits the length of a kiss to five minutes. The law does not appear in the Iowa Legislature but circulates online. Surely there must be some reason for these laws to be put into place for the first time but in hindsight, when you think about it, what reason could there possibly be to limit the length of a kiss?

Another strange law that the Commission confirmed is that it is illegal to wear a suit of armor in the Houses of Parliament according to the 1313 Statute forbidding the Bearing of Armour. This law can make some sense in that you would probably want the parliament to be a safer and more peaceful-looking place and having someone in armor would challenge the safety of the civilians. Still, it is bizarre that the law still exists when armors and knights are pretty much extinct terms.