Becoming A Voracious Reader

Studies show that 40% of people in the West didn’t read any books last year, even though the typical person reads fewer than six novels annually. The finest activity you can engage in is reading, though. Reading improves brain function and intelligence; you get knowledge from the book. Reading is considered to increase EQ, making people more socially and emotionally intelligent and better able to handle life in general. Specific individuals believe it to be more profound.

The advantages of being a voracious reader are numerous. You gain a fresh perspective on the world through reading, and it assists you in anticipating new chances and threats, among other things. Additionally, you’ll be able to judge a circumstance more precisely. You don’t have to force yourself to read to be an avid reader. Instead, reading will appeal to you since it will pique your interest. Recognize that there are several intriguing things in this world that you are unaware of to increase your curiosity.


In his essay On Writing, Stephen King offers the following advice: “Learn to read in small sips as well as in long swallows.” No matter how much or how little free time you have, make the most of it by reading. As with waiting to board a plane, waiting in the doctor’s office may be an ideal opportunity to read. Thus, you ought to carry a book along with you at all times. Happily, you can accomplish so now by simply loading e-books on your smart device.

You should follow two rules: read only one book at a time, and complete each one. It will take you a lifetime to finish five novels if you try to read them all at once because you’ll get distracted, lose interest, and lose sight of what’s happening. The second rule entails perseverance and cultivating the mindset of reaching your goals. Create a reading routine, too. Make reading your special time by getting up 30 minutes earlier. You can also make reading your focus during lunchtime. Consider developing your reading speed. Use a pointer, read aloud without subvocalizing, and practice accelerating a little bit each time you sit down as a few basic tactics.