3 Underrated Arctic Monkeys Songs

The Arctic Monkeys have completely revolutionized the indie rock scene since they first formed as a band in 2002 to now, 20 years later. In this period, they’ve released music that has wow’d audiences worldwide, which is reflected in their streaming numbers on music streaming giant Spotify. However, they do have some tracks that are arguably not as popular, but which still deserve a listen. Here we list down 3 such tracks.

First up we have Piledriver Waltz, a track from 2006’s Suck It and See. In comparison to most tracks in AM, which is arguably the most popular Arctic Monkeys album, Piledriver Waltz tones down the rock instrumentals to a point where frontman Alex Turner’s lyrics are on full display, and boy what a treat that is! The chorus is both well constructed and fun to listen to, which makes this one track you should definitely check out.

Getty Images/ Mondadori Portfolio/ Mondadori

Next up, we have Do Me a Favor from the 2007 album Favorite Worst Nightmare. What makes this track so great is the wonderful bass playing of newcomer bassist Nick O’Malley. The bassline has an almost playful touch to it which makes listening to this track a wonderful experience. It’s no wonder that O’Malley himself remarks that this might be his favorite song from the entire album!

Lastly, we have Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You, another stellar Arctic Monkeys track playing with simple themes of love and longing. It’s certainly not a track where Turner goes wild with his creative juices in terms of lyricism, but that doesn’t make Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You any less enjoyable. Moreover, if good guitar riffs are your thing, then this track has you covered as long as you make it to the 2 minute mark!