3 Notable Batman Appearances on Screen

When one considers who the best superhero is, Batman’s name is always near the top of the list, and for good reason. Ever since his first appearance in 1939, the Dark Knight has grown to become something greater than an ordinary man in a bat costume. He is a symbol that drives fear into the hearts of malicious men and gods alike, and therein lies his appeal. Batman has appeared in all forms of media over the decades, be it solo or as part of a larger team. Down below we list some of his more iconic appearances!

Firstly, we look at Batman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Voiced by the late Kevin Conroy, this version of the Dark Knight created a lasting impression on fans. Despite often working as a member of the Justice League, rather than as a solo hero, there was not a single moment where Conroy’s Batman didn’t steal the show. The JL/JLU Batman showed every facet of his character, from the cold and ruthless tactician to the kind and empathetic hero hiding within, and therein lies this version’s beauty.

Getty Images/ GC Images/ MEGA

Next up is Christian Bale’s Batman from Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Giving new life to Batman on the big screen, this trilogy beautifully captures the journey from Bruce Wayne to Batman, and then back to Bruce Wayne again. Nolan and Bale collaborate to create a version of the Dark Knight who has to reconcile his identity and responsibilities both as the mask and as the one behind the mask, which adds a complex layer to the narrative that any Batman fan would enjoy!

Lastly, we look at Robert Pattinson’s version in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. This appearance captures the darkness of the character in full at an earlier point in his crime-fighting career. Offering a grittier take on the character in a truly bleak Gotham City, Pattinson’s Batman has a lot to offer for those who love the hero for his ace detective and combative skills!