3 Must-Watch Romantic Time Travel Movies

The entire idea of time travel or time loops is an enthralling one for many and has captivated audiences since its inception in mainstream media. Typically, this concept existed in the sci-fi genre, with protagonists trying to change a not-so-ideal future by going back to the past. However, the past two decades have seen the time travel plot line slowly creep into the romance genre, and it surprisingly works well! Down below we list 3 romance movies with time travel elements that are definitely worth your time.

First up, we have About Time (2013), which follows the time traveling Tim (Domhnal Gleeson) as he tries to win over Mary (Rachel McAdams) while simultaneously exploring his relationship with his father. On his 21st birthday, Tim finds out that the men in his family have the unique ability to time travel, and he uses this to pursue his love for Mary. This premise, with stunning direction and cinematography, eventually spirals into one of the more heartwarming love stories out there!

Getty Images/ WireImage/ Daniel Zuchnik

Next, we have The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009), which offers a more chaotic take on time travel in this genre. Henry (Eric Bana) has a gene that sends him involuntarily flying forward or backwards across time. At some point, he meets Clare (Rachel McAdams) and falls in love with her. She learns his secret and, despite the many hurdles they may face because of it, loves him regardless. The turbulence and the warmth of the plot, coupled with stellar performances by Bana and McAdams, makes this worth your time.

Lastly, there is Palm Springs (2020), a rom-com stuck inside a time loop. Andy Sandberg’s Nyles finds himself repeating the same day over and over again and has begun taking it in stride. However, when he accidentally drags Cristin Milioti’s Sarah into it as well, he is roped into her efforts to get out while simultaneously falling deeper in love. Featuring a grounded but stellar performance by the two actors, Palm Springs is an enjoyable weekend watch for all!